Google Ads

Google Search (Text) Ads

Google Ads is PPC service from Google which helps businesses grow their revenue with very less effort and money. In order to grow your business digitally you just need to have a website and a Google account to start promoting your business. Google charges you only when user clicks on your ad. There are several factors to optimize and customize your Google ads in order to get best ROI on your investment.

Below are few points which helps you optimize your Google Ads.

  1. Ads relevancy – It is how close your ads are to your keywords, more the relevancy and better the quality score and hence better performance based on the bidding.
  2. Multiple Ads – There should be multiple ads in an ad group to have better performance
  3. Structure Of Campaign – Structure your ad group based on keywords and try to have multiple ads group, make sure there are no more than 10 keywords in an ad group.
  4. Negative keywords – Make sure to add negative keywords in your campaign to stop spending on non relevant keywords, which does not relates to your business.
  5. Conversion – Make sure you have conversion tracking in place and analytics attached to your Google Ads account.
  6. Regular Monitoring – Monitor your campaign daily in starting to make sure you are not paying for non related keywords and non converting keywords.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of prominent place for different segment of business in generating leads. There are many users wondering on Facebook for stuffs though not directly but it can be put in such a way that aligns with their thought process and day to day needs in their life.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the channel without which Digital Marketing is incomplete. It is one the important pillar of Digital Marketing. It is very useful for businesses to brand visibility and lead generation. Lead generation is bit tricky due to the nature and audience on Social Media. But it can be very useful and profitable if used properly like engaging content and targeted specific audience. Social Media is not like search engine where people are looking for services or products or anything based on their interest, rather Social Media is something where we pitch something to user based on their interest and compel them to take action based on their need. It’s bit tricky to compel them but it can be done by actionable “Call To Action” and products or services with irresistible/lucrative offers.